Released: January 8, 2002
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Disc 1
1. Prelude
2. Prologue
3. 'He Will Gather Us Around'
4. 'Be Careful,' People Have Always Told Me
5. Aria: This Journey To Christ
6. I've Been Waiting For You
7. Some Of Them Didn't Look So Bad
8. I Don't Like That Man
9. The Walk Through Death Row Woman On The Tier!
10. Thank You
11. Aria: A Warm Night
12. The Defendant's Mother, Mrs. Patrick De Rocher
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13. Its A Good Sign When They Take So Long
14. You Don't Know What It's Like To Bear A Child
15. It's The Decision Of This Pardon Board
16. Guess Your Nun Ain't Comin'
17. 'He Will Gather Us Around'
Disc 2
2Joseph's Cell 31...32...33...
3Oh!... Now And At The Hour Of Our Death
4In The Evening: Sonnet
5In The Evening: What Time Is It?
6Wow! Those New Ford Mustangs Are So Cool
7Aria: Don't Say A Word
8Who Will Walk With Me?
9Good Evening
10I've Said Some Harsh Things
11You're A Regular Illustrated Man, De Rocher
12How Much Longer? How Much More Time?
13We'd Been Drinkin' And Smokin' Weed At The Road House
14Dead Man Walking!
15'He Will Gather Us Around'
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Composer: Jake Heggie
Conductor: Patrick Summers
With: Catherine Cook, Robert Orth, Frederica Von Stade, Nicolle Foland, and David Harper